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Real estate investment reimagined

The percentage of individuals searching for rental properties has been on the rise for the past few years—and those numbers are continuing on this trajectory as we look to the future. At National HomeCorp. our team has been in the business of home building for decades. Our attention to detail within each of our builds along with our cost-leading builder advantages will help ensure that our properties are exactly what investors today are looking for—homes intentionally built for investment rental. Our team of dedicated industry professionals will work directly with our investors in order to accommodate the varying nature of each deal as it arises to ensure that all parties are completely satisfied with each part of the process.

Fee Building

At National HomeCorp. our work with investors doesn’t simply begin and end with selling homes. As we continue offering additional fee-building services to our clients, we’re able to provide support in the following ways: Permit services utility coordination, estimating job cost, budget creation bid, buyout per work scopes vendor, subcontract management scheduling, project oversight accounting services, on-site construction management quality control throughout construction working with municipality official adherence to codes & local jurisdiction inspection requirements

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