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How To BuyHow Do You Buy a Home with NHC?

Let us take the stress out of buying a home by ACTUALLY making the process simple. Scroll down to see these 4 easy steps below!

Homebuying Made Simple in 4 Easy Steps


Find Your Home

With National Home Corporation, you don’t need to stress about figuring out how to pay for the home, let's find the home first! Then let our team of experts coach you through the rest.


    Write a Contract and Pay Your Deposit

    With only $95 down when you apply with NHC Mortgage, you pick the home you want, and then we work together to figure out how to finance that home. And if for some reason now isn’t the right time, we’ll work closely with you until the time is right and build a custom financial plan tailored to you in order to achieve your goals!

    Disclaimer: National Home Corporation has ownership interest in NHC Mortgage as a joint venture. 


      Work Closely with Our Loan Officer

      You will have a designated loan officer who is completely focused on you, your needs, your requirements, and your home. This person is invested in making sure you move into your new home. You're in safe hands with us!


        Get Your Keys and Move In

        Now the home is yours, we sign the final paperwork, get your keys, unpack, and decorate. NHC partners with Title and Mortgage in an effort to make this process as seamless as possible. When you are an NHC Customer, you are a Customer for Life! Use the button below to learn about our warranty program. 

        Commonly Asked Questions

        How do I make my deposit? What happens to it?

        At NHC we believe that EVERYONE should have the opportunity to purchase a new home. With NHC Mortgage, the deposit is only $95. AND you have a 2 week financing contingency. What does that mean? When you use NHC Mortgage you have 2 weeks after purchasing where that $95 is completely refundable should the financing on your home not work out! And don't worry, we all work closely together to make sure you are communicated with throughout the entire process. If you decide to use your own lender or are paying cash, the deposit is higher and there is no financing contingency. 

        When you are filling out the Purchase Agreement there is a page where you select if you are using NHC Mortgage and choose to pay $95, using a different lender for a $2495 deposit (you'll need to fill in some information) or are paying cash / are an investor for $5,000 deposit. Regardless of what you choose, this Builder Deposit will be credited back to you at Closing. So pay close attention and make sure you check the appropriate box. 

        I have questions about Closing on my home

        After you purchase the home you will receive a Homeowner Introduction Letter from our Sales and Closing Coordinator. This letter will outline the buying process and the steps needed to get to closing! It will include a copy of your fully executed purchase agreement, as well as information on when you will receive dates for your walk through with the Construction Manager of your new home, and when you will receive specific dates for closing. 

        When will my house be finished?

        You have most likely purchased a home that is nearing completion, and will be able to close in the next 30-60 days. You will receive a Homeowner Introduction Letter after you have signed your purchase agreement that will outline all the details you need for closing. We target giving 30-45 days notice of closing so you have time to prepare with your mortgage (if applicable) and other details around moving. 

        I want to submit an offer

        Want to know the best part about National Home Corporation being Americas Affordable Builder? You can rest comfortably knowing that you are getting the best deal around! We have the lowest prices and/ or the lowest price per square foot on the market. We arent afraid of you shopping around to find out! So we eliminate the stressful components of haggling and negotiating by starting off with our best price and incentives!

        If you are paying Cash for the home, we will reduce the sales price by the amount of incentive we are offering in that community for closing costs. When you provide proof of funds within 7 days of purchasing, we will send you an addendum to sign so we can get that processed!

        I have a Home To Sell, can I still buy?

        At National Home Corporation we do not accept contingencies. If you are interested in finding out if you qualify for one of our homes while owning your current home. Go ahead and submit your Purchase Agreement, pay your $95 deposit and then begin the application. You will have a 2 week financing contingency to see if we can make the numbers work! If not, you'll get your $95 back and we hope that you choose us when the time comes down the road!

        Can I use my Realtor?

        Of course! At NHC we welcome the partnership with our Realtors and are thankful they helped you find us. When you fill out the purchase agreement there will be a place to select that you are a working with a realtor. You will need to fill out their contact information and then we will take it from there! 

        And dont worry about paying the commission, we take care of that for you!

        I need to add additional Co-buyers, what do I do?

        If you are buying online please be sure to fill in your name along with your co-buyers information. You'll want to use your legal name! If you have more than one co-buyer dont worry, go ahead and sign with just the two of you and once the Purchase Agreement is processed we will send over and addendum adding anyone else you need! 

        Do I really buy Online?

        This feature is coming soon. We will update the website as more updates are available. 

        Will I have someone to ask Questions to?

        Of Course! You can submit questions online, or reach out to our Sales and Closing Coordinators once they have sent you the Homeowner Introduction Letter. We also have listing agents that are ready and willing to help out! Dont Worry, when you are an NHC Customer, you are a Homeowner for Life!

        Can I have a private Home Inspection?

        Yes you can, National Home Corporation builds a qualify home at an affordable price. Some of our customers do choose to purchase a 3rd party inspection of the home prior to moving in, and that is entirely up to you! If you do want a private home inspection it must be complete and we need the report at least 48 hours prior to your walk through with the Construction Manager. This gives us enough time to review the report and be ready to discuss with you in detail so we can answer all your questions. Any report received after the Customer Walk Through may or may be able to be reviewed or addressed. 

        Do I get a walk through with the Builder?

        Absolutely! We are so glad you have chose NHC to build your new home. We know how many options are out there and we are thankful you have chosen us! We cant wait to meet you. You will receive a calendar invitation to your email address along with an email outlining when your Customer Walk through will be. If there are any scheduling conflicts its important that you let us know within 48 hours of receiving that notification so we can adjust our schedule. Last minute no-shows or cancellation may not be able to be rescheduled with enough time to accommodate, and this is a big purchase and we want you to feel confident in your decision. 

        America's Affordable Builder

        Questions? Contact us for more information. We'll be happy to provide you with answers!

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